Integrated Health Information Systems (IHiS)

About The Project
Daring to make a difference.

Daring to be the best.

IHiS is a healthcare IT (i.e. HealthTech) leader that digitises, connects, and analyses Singapore’s health ecosystem, with the goal of leveraging technology to improve the population’s health and health administration. However, the field of HealthTech needed a boost in perception, especially when it came to recruiting a new generation of specialists to join their cause.

Our campaign was designed to have Millennial appeal, through the use of aspirational “digital age” visuals and copy that was intriguing, yet also relevant. This helped to paint a very positive image of IHiS, focusing on the noble objectives of their work. By fusing head and heart messaging, the campaign gave potential candidates a goal to aim for, and to consider IHiS as a viable career choice.

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